If you are interested in any of my publications but do not have access, please feel free to get in touch with me for a copy at yueming[dot]zhang[at]manchester[dot]ac[dot]uk

Peer-reviewed journal articles

Zhang, A.Y. 2019. Placing arts districts within markets: a case study of 798 arts district in Beijing. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 43(6): 1028-1045.

Zhang, A.Y. 2018. Thinking temporally when thinking relationally: temporality in relational place-making. Geoforum, 90: 91-99.

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Lin, G.C.S., and Zhang, A.Y. 2015. Emerging spaces of neoliberal urbanism in China: land commodification, municipal finance, and local economic growth in prefecture-level cities. Urban Studies, 52(15): 2774-2798.

Chapters in edited volumes

Zhang, A.Y. 2018. Pop-up urbanism: selling old Beijing to the creative class. In M. Jayne (ed.) Chinese Urbanism: New Critical Perspectives. London: Routledge, 137-148.

Zhang, A.Y. 2016. Arts districts or art-themed parks: arts districts repurposed by/for Chinese governments. In J. Wang, T. Oakes, and Y. Yang (eds.) Making Culture Cities in Asia: Mobility, Assemblage and the Politics of Aspirational Urbanism. London: Routledge, 69-79.